Monday, 18 Feb 2019
Saturday, 16 Feb 2019, 10:10
The EU – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) would transform Vietnam into a focal investment point as it paves the way for European companies to access a fast-growing market, while Vietnam’s middle-class consumers are magnet to European investors.
Friday, 15 Feb 2019, 16:49
The total assets of commercial banks under state ownership accounted for 44% of the total in the banking sector, followed by joint stock commercial banks with 41%, Vietnam Finance reported.
Friday, 15 Feb 2019, 12:58
Obtaining CAT 1 would create major advantages for future cooperation between two countries’ airlines, said Dinh Viet Thang, head of the Civil Aviaiton Authority of Vietnam (CAAV).
Friday, 15 Feb 2019, 12:18
Vietnam’s government remains steadfast on attracting foreign investment for economic development.
Friday, 15 Feb 2019, 08:35
Chinese enterprises are forecast to shift their investment strategies by pouring more capital into building plants in Vietnam to take advantage of its integration commitments within ASEAN and other free trade deals, which will contribute to pushing up M&A activities.
Thursday, 14 Feb 2019, 17:05
Domestic companies are focusing more on the product quality instead of variety to gain consumers’ trust and competing with foreign goods.
Thursday, 14 Feb 2019, 16:10
The company was already in talks with potential local partners regarding 5G trials later this year.
Thursday, 14 Feb 2019, 14:58
HSBC predicted Vietnam’s economy to enlarge 6.5% in 2019 and 6.3% one year later, following the 10-year high of 7.08% in 2018. The country, however, is projected to remain the fastest-growing economy in ASEAN.
Thursday, 14 Feb 2019, 11:23
The statistics figure would be updated annually into the GDP, GRDP and key social-economic indicators, which will later be released on a quarterly basis.
Thursday, 14 Feb 2019, 09:32
In January alone, Ho Chi Minh City welcomed 793,662, an increase of 21% from a year earlier.
Wednesday, 13 Feb 2019, 23:15
The figure somewhat showed results from the Vietnamese government’s privatization progress.
Wednesday, 13 Feb 2019, 17:07
The country recorded a trade deficit of US$222 million during the period, lower than the deficit of US$315 million recorded in the 2018 Lunar New Year festival.
Wednesday, 13 Feb 2019, 16:54
A study by Fulbright University in 2018 estimated that Vietnam’s informal economic sector made up 25 – 30% of the GDP and 57% of total workforce.
Wednesday, 13 Feb 2019, 12:01
After a thorough review of related documents, the Vietnam Competition Council said it has found new details regarding the controversial acquisition in subject, and required further investigation to clarify possible violation of competition laws committed in the case.
Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019, 16:02
The stock market has laid a solid foundation for the success of leading corporations, supported the privatization process of state-owned enterprises and become a balanced and efficient capital market alongside the banking system.
Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019, 11:29
Da Nang aims to welcome 8.19 million visitors throughout 2019, up 6.9% year-on-year, including 3.19 million foreigners, an increase of 11%.
Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019, 11:22
In 2019, Hanoi aims to greet nearly 28.6 million tourists in 2019, including 6.7 million foreigners.
Monday, 11 Feb 2019, 21:10
Grab did not violate Vietnamese regulation, as it was authorized by the Ministry of Transport to participate in the pilot program of applying technology in managing and connecting electronic contract-based passenger transportation.
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