Friday, 26 Apr 2019
Thursday, 25 Apr 2019, 20:55
During the January – April period, Hanoi attracted the largest chunk of FDI nationwide at US$4.47 billion, up 6-fold year-on-year and accounting for 30.6% of total investment in the period, indicating strong efforts from the local authority for greater investment environment.
Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019, 17:21
Locals are now using the space in front of the vaults as a parking lot or to sell stuffs.
Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019, 21:51
The city’s authority will focus on administrative reform and information technology application to reduce costs for businesses.
Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019, 17:35
The center is slated to come into official operation in 2022.
Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019, 09:02
The production capacity in Hanoi has not been able to meet local demand as the city currently provides 60% of the demand for pork and chicken, 65% for vegetables, 66% for eggs, and imports the remaining.
Monday, 22 Apr 2019, 16:56
The preservation of Hanoi’s Old Quarter is the responsibility of the whole community.
Sunday, 21 Apr 2019, 19:34
Temperature in some roads of Hanoi measured at 50 degree Celsius.
Saturday, 20 Apr 2019, 17:03
Former racer David Coulthard, an F1 race winner, will drive Red Bull's high-speed car outside the My Dinh National Stadium in Hanoi's western Nam Tu Liem district tonight.
Thursday, 18 Apr 2019, 21:49
For many, the 2018 result did not come as a surprise as the city has always been the pioneer in activities to build a government of service which supports businesses in every step.
Wednesday, 17 Apr 2019, 15:43
Every year over 8,000 people die from traffic accidents and more than 10,000 get injured in Vietnam. The respective figures for Hanoi are 300 and 600.
Wednesday, 17 Apr 2019, 02:17
Hanoi will apply higher emission standards of EURO 4, EURO 5 by 2020 and use cleaner fuels to curb pollutant concentrations in emissions.
Tuesday, 16 Apr 2019, 08:53
Hanoi’s race track is a combination of a city race and a track, which has been designed in a way that it could deliver special racing scenes for F1 fans from all over the world.
Monday, 15 Apr 2019, 11:00
The move is in line with Hanoi’s ongoing efforts aimed to help enterprises integrate globally and develop sustainably.
Sunday, 14 Apr 2019, 09:13
By 2025, 100% of harmful medical solid and liquid waste in health facilities across the city is expected to be collected and treated following environmental standards.
Thursday, 11 Apr 2019, 11:39
Hanoi’s authority has recently studied building an underground parking able to house nearly 900 cars.
Wednesday, 10 Apr 2019, 21:39
The municipal People’s Committee proposed an increase of capital expenditure from VND29,019 billion (US$1.24 billion) to VND30,992 billion (US$1.33 billion).
Wednesday, 10 Apr 2019, 20:56
Hanoi’s authority said that the project of motorbike restriction would only be carried out when public transport meets people’s demands.
Wednesday, 10 Apr 2019, 09:54
The fashion show is a special event and part of the ongoing official visit to Vietnam by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.
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