Monday, 18 Feb 2019
Sunday, 17 Feb 2019, 10:10
The race is part of activities to realize a cooperation agreement on cultural and sport development in the city between the Hanoi People’s Committee and national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines.
Sunday, 17 Feb 2019, 10:07
The ancient town of Hoi An will lure tourists this full moon festival with unique cultural beauty and special art programs.
Friday, 15 Feb 2019, 17:20
Besides Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air and Bamboo Airways have plans to open direct flights to the US.
Friday, 15 Feb 2019, 11:48
The festival aims to promote a new tourism product, thus luring more visitors to the National Moc Chau Tourism Area.
Thursday, 14 Feb 2019, 17:18
Valentine’s Day is finally here, if you happen to be one of those single people who can’t stand looking at couples wining and dining today and throughout the weekend, perhaps you can plan a trip to one of these destinations.
Thursday, 14 Feb 2019, 14:12
If you are looking to explore new beach destinations, you won’t need to go very far.
Wednesday, 13 Feb 2019, 16:44
Ho Chi Minh City, better known as Saigon, is home to 13 million people and about 8 million motorbikes.
Wednesday, 13 Feb 2019, 11:56
Wherever you travel, some destinations are evergreen when it comes to romance.
Saturday, 09 Feb 2019, 15:28
Featuring the untouched white sand of Bai Khem beach, idyllic sunsets, breathtaking scenery and favorable weather year-round, Phu Quoc is the emerging star of Vietnam’s tourism scene.
Wednesday, 06 Feb 2019, 13:29
If 2019 will bring you retirement and a slower pace of life, you may be looking to relocate so you can spend your glory days by the beach.
Tuesday, 05 Feb 2019, 09:48
If you're in Hong Kong (China) or Vietnam, South Korea or anywhere else in the world with a Chinese diaspora -- it's time to don that tacky red jacket, gamble until you lose and eat till you burst.
Monday, 04 Feb 2019, 15:30
Live and Invest Overseas recently unveiled its annual index of top overseas destinations for retirement—based on affordability, residency options, health care, safety, and lifestyle, among other factors.
Monday, 04 Feb 2019, 13:02
Many South Korean travelers described an impressive experience in Vietnam, for them: “home away from home!”
Saturday, 02 Feb 2019, 10:15
Sometimes places can be underrated because they don’t have that wow factor, or don’t have a famous culture behind it, but that doesn’t stop anyone from enjoying what they can offer, and that is as just a great of an experience as anything else.
Thursday, 31 Jan 2019, 15:22
Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most popular tourist and retiree destinations.
Thursday, 31 Jan 2019, 15:09
These photos not only show the natural and human-made beauty of our world, but they can also give us a glimpse of other people and cultures and the beauty within the human race.
Wednesday, 30 Jan 2019, 17:31
There are exceptions to the rule, but most places where people put thought and care into their budget accommodation, will tend to be welcoming and enjoyable for backpackers across the board.
Wednesday, 30 Jan 2019, 15:17
The event is part of the activities to realize the cooperation agreement between Hanoi People’s Committee and national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines on cultural and sports development in the capital city.
Com Vong – Hanoi’s can’t be missed specialty
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